About Us

Giolin apparel pursues quality making on knit and woven garments and begins private label manufacturing and development under UTTOU International’s concern, a Canadian based firm. Grouped with a professional and full-experienced team (over 15 years experience), we specialize manufacturing of shirts, sweaters, hoodies and garment accessories. Besides this, we also provide reliable solutions on fabric sourcing, trims and logistics’ service for our customers as well.

Our sourcing team locates at one of the biggest fabric market of Asia in Guangzhou (South China) and has very strong relationship with various fabric facilities, which making us be able to get evolved into a formidable vertical manufacturing process to serve our customers more efficiently. Benefited from the reliable relationship and efficiency, we not only make tremendous amount of flexibility in the production process to meet our customers’ various need but also do more for the customers which they might not be able to achieve from other vendors.

All customers, no matter big or small; are welcome to us and is respected with our high priority. We look forward to establish long-term relationship with you and to grow with each other for a brilliant future!